Bires Consulting

Bires Remodeling is known for its integrity, service, and craftsmanship. Now, the company is expanding in order to help more homeowners. Dean Bires, the founder of Bires Remodeling, is offering consulting services.

Dean has always been committed to improving the integrity of the industry. That really goes deeper than simply remodeling homes. It also means educating homeowners. Far too many consumers only learn the value of working with a trusted company AFTER their first remodeling project. There’s so much to navigate. How do you select the right company? How do you vet a remodeler? How do you compare remodeling quotes? Why is licensing and insurance crucial?

“Far too many people have no idea about how to navigate all the various quotes. Each contractor may have different approaches to the bidding process, and it can very difficult to compare proposals effectively”, said Dean.

Dean’s consulting services will give homeowners peace of mind knowing the advice they get isn’t geared toward “landing the sale”. Dean has no referral fees from contractors and no hidden fees. Clients pay for objective, helpful advice from a trusted professional.

If you’re thinking, why hire one remodeler to advise us and another to handle the renovation, consider the value of a Certified Financial Planner. The CFP earns no commission on the sale of stocks or mutual funds. So, the advice and guidance is purely objective and designed to help the client. Dean meets with homeowners and listens to their unique situation and challenges. Check out our brochure which details services and pricing.

Remodeling Consulting Services


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