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Our Process

Upon receiving a request for consultation, we first arrange a time to review your project together over the phone. We understand that, by its nature, renovating your home is an invasive process, so we take the time to ensure contractor client compatibility upfront. ¬†After this initial meeting, we’ll determine if the project is a good fit and schedule a home visit explore it further.

From the many years of remodeling experience we have, we’ve determined there are three cornerstones to launching a successful project.

  1. Project Plans: Every project needs a drawn plan to ensure all parties are in agreement about the desired end result.
  2. Scope of Work: Every plan needs a detailed scope of work to itemize the selections within the plan.(i.e. fixtures, cabinets, countertops, etc. )
  3. Budget: The budget is the controlling factor of the plan; it drives both the project plan and the scope of work. It does not help to design a $200,000.00 kitchen if our client wants to invest $65,000.00 in their space. Both budgets are feasible, however they would have different outcomes. We’ll work with you to establish plans that fully optimize your available budget.

All three elements work in concert to produce a successful project. None of these items can be deleted or overlooked in the planning stage of the project.

At BRI we believe in the adage that every hour and every dollar spent in planning saves two in execution.

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