New Kitchen & Patio

New Patio and Doors

Our client wanted to add a new covered porch to their existing deck; and increase the glazing area of the adjoining wall to let in more light. After demolition of the drywall we found a number of problems that required correction.

A small water leak from a second story deck over time caused a substantial rotting of the wall framing.

Additionally there was an improper patio door replacement that weakened the overall structure of the wall. In order to accommodate the new roof load of the patio, we had to repair the damage and strengthen the existing wall. Given the overall limitations of the structure we choose to use welded steel beams, combined with proper headers to add stiffness.

Given that this wall would have a large area of glass to structure, we had to choose our products carefully. Using high performing window glazing and Icynene spray foam insulation; to complete the thermal barrier and provide comfort, energy efficiency and good value for a long time to come.