Adding to your home is an investment, and at Bires Remodeling, we believe in planning and protecting investments. Home expansions require specialized knowledge. Understanding architecture, structural integrity and how the addition will incorporate best into the existing design and flow of the home are all imperative components of a successful expansion.

Bires Remodeling Design Process

Because so many components go into conceiving and crafting a safe, beautiful home addition, our design and construction process is involved. We bring in professional, expert tradesmen for estimation, design, carpentry – every step of the home addition is overseen by an educated and highly trained professional. While we do employ experienced project managers and experts who more broadly keep remodeling jobs within scope and on task, we believe it’s imperative to have a trade specialist on board to ensure the highest level of accuracy and craftsmanship.

We look thoroughly at your budget; functionality and specific needs for the space; time frame for completion of the project; potential difficulties and obstacles; as well as zoning and permitting issues and requirements. Being dedicated to the details, as well as thorough, have awarded us the reputation and level of trust our customers have come to expect over the years.

Remodeling Consultations

From project conception through design, build and completion, we bring attention to detail and experience to every phase of the home addition process. This starts with the initial consultation. Regardless of your project — even you have design plans already rendered — we start fresh, ask questions and truly listen to the answers to guarantee we create the right space for you. Contact us for a consultation.