New Storage Space

New Real Estate

Our client was in need of additional storage space in their home. Their collection of Christmas decorations had outgrown the guest closet and their master bedroom closet was filled to capacity.

Fortunately, they had a very large area of unfinished space in the attic accessible by a scuttle hole that seemed a good possibility.

This space posed a couple of challenges as it did not have an adequate floor system to support a finished floor, and the slate roof loads would have to re-engineered to accommodate the proposed plan. After installation of the new floor system we began our build out which was actually designed by the homeowner.

The results are a stunning new closet area. We have his and her clothes storage, and dedicated area for holiday decorations as well as additional storage by the use of a built in open cabinets at the foyer entrance to the space. All built in storage was constructed on site by Bires Remodeling Inc.