An organized, spacious, well-lit and functional closet is a great asset. In the master bedroom, closets are even a place for respite and relaxation. In children’s rooms, custom closet remodels can provide ideal space for storing toys and other clutter. In mudrooms and garages, closets are great for keeping coats and tools out of sight.

Bires Remodeling Attention to Detail

At Bires Remodeling, we believe our craftsmanship and attention to detail distinguish us. With closet renovations, these cornerstones of our process are paramount. Consider the functionality of a closet for a moment. What type of drawers, cabinets and organizational components do you need? Think of texture, colors and finishes that will complement the surrounding room? What is the closet’s main intended use, and does there need to be some sort of customization — such as lighting or durable floor coverings? Because a closet serves a very specific purpose, it’s important to consider these questions, explore their answers and spend time in the design details to ensure optimal use.

Our industry knowledge is always current, and we’re ready to use the latest in closet design to customize your storage space. We’ll listen to your preferences; analyze your current space and barriers; and work to tailor your closet to meet your specific needs. With closet design today, there is such a vast array of materials, lighting and fixtures that we can reach this goal while simultaneously maximizing functionality and aesthetic appeal.